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Blear (Full Album)

Blear - Cuando Rapeo estoy vivo

Remark: This is the paid Premium Version of Blear without Ads between the levels. A free version with interstitial Ads is available as well.

Blear is a soothing and relaxing mobile game experience in the tradition of classic arcade games. You have one goal: Launch your ball and destroy all the bricks!

But don't let the immersive, relaxing soundtrack and the beautiful graphics fool you: There are enough obstacles and challenges to keep you engaged for hours: Find your way around moving blocks, be prepared for mill-wheels that deflect your ball, find powerful power-ups, avoid deadly booby traps and much more..

Make yourself comfortable and smash some bricks!



Aim and launch your ball into a field full of bricks and obstacles. Your goal is to destroy all the bricks and not let the ball fall out of the playfield. The ball can be controlled with a paddle at the bottom of the field. If you lose your ball, one out of three lives is lost. Some of the bricks will drop power-ups that you should use wisely. Some others will move around and make it much harder to hit them. And some of the bricks may even drop deadly booby traps which are best avoided. Let's see, how far you can make it…



- More than 20 diversified levels to keep you engaged for hours
- Various obstacles and extras: Blocking bricks, rotating mill-wheels, switches, power-ups, floating bricks etc.
- Relaxing, procedurally generated soundtrack. Every time you start the game, the soundtrack will be different!
- Beautiful graphics with subtle blur effects and crisp explosions